The Farm


Rohara was founded in Miami, Fla., in 1968 and moved to Ocala in 1983. The farm boasts a world class facility, with two covered round pens, a covered walker, 100 stalls, a breeding lab and covered breeding shed, and a covered 200-foot arena. Its 125 acres of rolling pastures, ponds, and hundreds of oak trees are a beautiful and natural environment for the Arabian horse.

Rohara has been a source of foundation Arabians for breeding farms around the world. In addition to its renowned breeding program, it also is known for its nationals-level training operation and its marketing expertise. The farm has presented national champion Arabians and Half-Arabians in the halter, English pleasure, western pleasure, country English pleasure, hunter pleasure and park divisions, for both open and amateur to show.

Rohara also has exported some of the finest breeding stock to 17 foreign countries: Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dubai, Ecuador, England, France, Guatemala, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sweden, Trinidad and Venezuela. Its horses win often in foreign shows rings, and have been named national or national reserve champion in their new countries. They also have achieved significant success in breeding programs around the world.

The farm maintains an inventory of available bloodstock, including broodmares in foal to national champion siring stallions, national quality young halter horses, and national-level performance horses. We take pride in offering national- and regional-quality halter horses, excellent and versatile performance horses, and world-class breeding stock.

Rohara represents nearly four decades of achievements in excellence. We invite you to explore our website, and as you browse through its pages, capture the special quality that is Rohara.

View the Rohara Virtual Tour here

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